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,,I’m only teaching here.” About the importance of the teacher’s relationship with the student, common adventure and old habits.

Education is based on the teacher-student relationship you read, hear, know. Once, I learned from the teacher that the principles of building a relationship and its meaning teach on psychology, not on various types of teacher studies. „We do not have to know this.” The word I give this speech has fallen. I do not want to judge it, but I do not have internal consent to bring education to a simple didactic process, „I say – you listen; I write-you write; I judge – you accept „,” I ask you – you do; I plan – You wait; „I organize – you are happy.” Wanting to not want every adult who plays an important role in a child’s life influences the shaping of his personality. James Boldwin said that children are not good at listening to adults but they are excellent at imitating them. This is the proof that teaching is a shared journey between teacher and his students. The journey ceases to be exciting when there is nothing to discover in it, the surroundings cease to be interesting and the time we take for survival. You see – children really take this journey seriously and want to see the behavior of adults – their teachers and parents exactly the way we ask them to behave. A young teacher admitted once that he was shouting at the children, so that they would not scream at each other. At one point, he saw the paradox of this situation. So if we ask the children not to raise their voice, do not lift it ourselves. When we want our students to work more, they must see that we are more involved; if we want them to perform their tasks in time, they must see that we are also fulfilling our responsibilities on time. When the teacher does not enjoy the pleasure and satisfaction of the lesson, it is difficult for his students to be satisfied.

I am close to Socrates’ assertion that the educator is like a midwife, and that education consists in extracting from the student what is good in him without putting himself in a wiser role. Nobody will take the teacher years of studies, finite universities, diploma, promotion of the received distinctions and titles. It is very important and needed. However, what does this mean for a six, seven or even fifteen-year-old child? Will the number of teacher’s certificates make students more willing to learn? Will choosing the right publishing and textbook make them willing to come to school and enter the classroom? That’s why students want to know that what is happening in the school walls is a journey together. How to change it? To develop new habits. It’s just like taking a new way to work, going instead of driving a car; change the site, layout, existing and secure order. Sometimes you will feel confused. That is why the old saying says that we teach in the way we were taught and bring up in the way we were brought up. So let’s make an effort to unlearn some habits and create new ones. In planning this joint journey, try to include students with whom you will discuss the program, criteria, expectations but also possible projects to do, ideas for tasks, repetitions. Ask your students what helps them learn and what hinders them, how they like to learn, which methods they find interesting. Get interested in the topic that your students are especially waiting for. What interests them, who wants to get involved more and what means minimum activity. Introduce your needs and expectations to them, explain them „humanly” why they are important to you. Talk to them about the principles and values ​​that are relevant to your entire school community. After presenting to the children a new topic, ask what they already know about it and what they would like to know. Create a shared map of thoughts, brainstorm, discuss. It may turn out that even the least interested ones will contribute to common ideas and get involved in the implementation of the issue. It is a great opportunity to learn about students’ interests and the level of their knowledge.

Invite them to work from the first lesson, get fascinated from the first meeting, take seriously from the first ,,Good Morning”. Be the best guide on this journey who knows a lot of different routes leading to the goal, and chooses the one that will make the trip together become the best adventure of life.

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