My motherhood is at the beginning of my path. Although it seems to me that since the birth of my daughter centuries have passed it’s been only the third month since she greeted us in the world. In the whole postnatal recovery, I experienced every moment with Nina as the most beautiful event that met me in my life. Wanted, anticipated and finally with us. Real El Nijo, which turned our everyday life upside down. And so it has already been. We have mastered the art of serving the baby at a dizzying pace, and our days began to run in an unprecedented turbo rhythm. Despite the number of new events, challenges and tasks planned and unforeseen from the very beginning, we took care to create a small routine that will help her feel safe in the new environment. This is of great importance to us especially in the evenings, when El Nino goes to sleep. Despite various theories and concepts that we encountered during pregnancy, we decided to work out a custom that is pleasant not only for our little one but also for us. We did not give up taking care of ourselves, being close to our daughter, who needs this closeness in the first weeks and months of her life the most. We decided in our new habit to be persevering and consistent learning on everyday experience of what helps calmly fall asleep to our child. I think that we have achieved our little success in this area, although as often I say, „Who knows Nina there.” However ,,A Little” is ten weeks and we have longer evenings for ourselves. Which habits have helped us, and what in our case failed the exam in the evening time?

It’s time to prepare for sleep – no matter ,,A Little” falls asleep. We always prepare her for sleep at the same time. It takes the form of a ritual, thanks to which it calms down. The unchanging points in the day’s schedule are extremely important in building a sense of security for every child. That is why we try to ensure that our baby is put in a bed at a fixed time, even if he admires the ceiling for a long time.

Bath – this is one of the permanent points of our ritual that Little loves. When we want to succumb to the temptation of „or maybe today we do her Children’s Day without bathing” we know that for her the best celebration is just splashing in a bathtub. You can not hide – she likes it! When we finish each of our parents, she gets furious Aguu !!!

Dimmed light, eg a bedside lamp – we turn off the TV for this time. Sometimes (especially thanks to December and pre-Christmas atmosphere) we light a small candle. We rest, Little calms down. Each part uses.

Lullabies for babies that fly in the background already during feeding – I must admit that I became addicted to them and El Nijo drops away from them. Of course, it took some time before she got used to them. Each of us already has her favorite. So far, we use one and the same playlist.

Closeness – do not leave ,,Little” to the bed right after feeding for independent silencing. He drowns in our arms or between us. I do not hide – we cuddle, pet and kiss when we need it to fall asleep. We can talk to each other calmly.

Such methods work on our ,,Little”one, and of course, before we created our ritual, we did not lack a few mistakes and „hot” discussions between us. It was not good to wear and sway even when Little was completely calm. The effect – tortured dad (usually), tears of a child, as soon as father decided to sit down on the edge of the bed. Carousel over the cot? It works great on the day when El Nino is rested and full of strength to talk to the bears that spin to the rhythm of classical music. In the evenings, with the carousel, she became more annoyed. Extending the time of preparation for sleep on the principle of „How more tired you will be better and sleep longer?” Nothing could be more wrong. We gave up this idea very quickly. Nina was playing until a certain moment, then she became nervous with redoubled strength.

The whole ritual of muting and falling asleep was built on what favors us all. The above customs have not let us down and have been a pleasure for a few nice weeks. Every parent who meets their child knows best what helps him calm down and fall asleep. I suggest habits that can become the basis for good habits to shape a child’s peaceful and healthy sleep. Of course, one can not forget that creating routine and its fixed points is also very important during the day. In observing the toddler’s reaction, we need a lot of attention and sensitivity to his needs, but once we learn how to satisfy them, we will start to interact with him fantastically and despite the fatigue, get a lot of pleasure from every day.

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